Are you looking for a unique black and white cat breed to be your new pet, but the internet confuses you? I can understand that there are more than 70 types of cat breeds recognized by TICA (The International Cat Organization)

With no end to tuxedo Cats, choosing one is not an easy task. The pressure to choose can make anyone lose their interest in the pet. If you are eager to have a black and white cat as a pet but the wide variety is confusing you, you have come to the right place! 

We have gone through all the black and white cat breeds, and ranked them in the perfect way. Here we will highlight the top 12 best black and white cat breeds. You’ll find everything you need to know about B&W cats in this article, and you won’t have to go anywhere else! 

Black and white cats


Black and white Persian cat2

In 1871 the black and white Persian cat took the world by storm when they were featured in the world’s first cat show in Crystal Palace. 

You might recognize this breed as Snowbell from Stuart Little, the only difference is Snowball was completely white. 

These divas of the cat world come in a variety of colors, sizes, and coats. With their gorgeous long hair and flat round face, they can be easily spotted.

But before deciding to buy one, there are specific pros and cons of Persian cats you need to know:


  • One of the most stunning cats in the world
  • Comes in so many coat colors and eye colors
  • They are calm and develop a strong affection for their owners


  • Their coats are thick, so they tend to shed a lot
  • One of the most expensive breeds in the world
  • They are high-maintenance and attention-demanding 
  • Height – 10 – 15 inches 
  • Weight – 7 – 12 pounds 
  • Coat and color – Thick wool-like coat or rich silky coat
  • Life expectancy – 15 – 20 years


Siamese cat1

Siamese is a mid-sized cat with a long and thin body; regardless, this cat is the epitome of grace. Originating in Thailand, it is also one of the most popular black and white cat breeds. 

The bicolor of this cat only extends to the mask area, ears, feet, and tail. The most exciting thing is that most Siamese cats are born completely white and develop their pigment within a few weeks. 

This breed also has some royal connections to ancient Thailand because of its distinct and stately looks. But there are certain pros and cons to this breed:


  • They love to be around people 
  • They are easy to groom
  • They are loyal and affectionate 


  • They meow a lot, which can get quite irritating sometimes
  • They need stimulation 
  • They are quite difficult to train 
  • Height – 12 – 14 inches
  •  Weight – MALE: 8 – 12 pounds; FEMALE: 5 – 8 pounds  
  • Coat – Short hair 
  • Life expectancy – 11 – 20 years 

Maine Coon

Maine coon cat2

Naturally originated in the state of Maine. It comes in more than 75 different combinations, so no two black and white Maine Coon will look alike. The most popular bicolor pattern is the Tuxedo cat pattern. 

These black cat breeds are also known as polydactyl, which means they have an extra toe on their front paws. But like every other cat breed, they also have their pros and cons: 


  • They are very friendly and social creatures
  • It is one of the most intelligent cat breeds in the world
  • They are cheaper


  • Health problems
  • They need a large space to live
  • Grooming requirements
  • Height – 8 – 16 inches 
  • Weight – 10 – 25 pounds;
  • Coat – Thick and long fur
  • Life expectancy – 13 – 14 years

Turkish Angora 

Turkish Angora

These are often known to be dog-like since they are very friendly and welcome every guest at home with a warm heart. Unlike any other cat, they are happy to live with other dogs and cats.

They have long, luscious hair and come in so many colors. One of the most interesting things about this breed is they have odd eyes, as in two different eye colors, the most in-demand one is blue and brown eye color. Pros and cons of having a Turkish Angora are: 


  • They are very active
  • Friendly and loving nature
  • They don’t shed too much


  • Have separation anxiety
  • High maintenance
  • Needs stimulation
  • Height – 9 – 14 inches
  • Weight – 5– 9 pounds;  
  • Coat – Long and silky coat
  • Life expectancy – 13 years or more

American Shorthair 

American Shorthair cat1

The American shorthair is a mid-sized cat, but they have a heavy bone structure. This cat is quite powerful, and I think just by their round and thick appearance anyone can guess that they will be quite heavy when you try to pick them up. 

This is one of the most popular breeds in the United States and is good for children and other pets. Their coat is thick, dense, and hard, meant for their protection. Pros and cons of having an American shorthair are: 


  • Pleasant companion
  • Loving and active by nature 
  • They don’t talk (meow)


  • Get overweight easily
  • Height – 12 – 15 inches
  • Weight – 11 – 15 pounds;
  • Coat – Short hair
  • Life expectancy – 15 – 20 years


Manx cat1

This breed is easily recognizable and is known for its bobtail. They have a strong and powerful body, thick fur, round appearance, and big round eyes. It is advised to buy a male black and white cat since they are more agile. 

They are very playful and smart. You’ll have to take extra caution because they are able to use their paws to open cabinets and drawers. This is the best black and white cat breed out there. The pros and cons are as follows: 


  • Adapt to the surroundings very quickly 
  • Affectionate and intelligent
  • Doesn’t need too much grooming


  • Easily gains weight
  • Predisposed to spinal problems
  • Height – 14 – 16 inches
  • Weight – 8 – 12 pounds; 
  • Coat – Short hair and long hair
  • Life expectancy – 14 – 16 years

Scottish Fold 

Scottish Fold cat2

It is again a medium-sized cat known for its folded ears. These cats have a pretty laid-back personality and are quite loving. They are quite intelligent, not very active, and need daily grooming

The Scottish fold is friendly with children and other pets, and they tend to be attached to a single person in a family. The pros and cons are as follows:


  • Very friendly
  • Intelligent
  • Low maintainers


  • Develop a distinct joint problem
  • Need a proper diet due to their short jaws
  • Height – 8 – 10 inches 
  • Weight – 5 – 11 pounds;  
  • Coat – Short hair
  • Life expectancy – 11 – 14 years


Siberian Cat

Siberian is a charming cat breed, they are very friendly and intelligent. Their triple-layered coat is water-resistant, and they have an interesting hobby of playing in the water or joining their owner during their shower. 

They are quite talkative but have a very melodious and sweet voice unlike that of Siamese. The pros and cons are as follows:


  • Intelligent and playful
  • Very energetic
  • Loves water


  • Needs grooming to make sure their coat remains matt-free
  • Prone to several genetic diseases
  • Height – 9 – 11 inches 
  • Weight – 8 – 15 pounds;  
  • Coat – Semi-long hair with triple coat
  • Life expectancy – 10 – 18 years


Munchkin cat1

This breed got this name because of their short legs, which happened due to genetic mutation. They are fun-loving and super excited. 

They are also known as sausage cats. These fur balls are perfect for any family. The pros and cons are as follows:


  • Playful and very easy to train 
  • They do not vocalize much
  • Require little grooming assistance


  • Less agile than other cats
  • Height – 5 – 7 inches 
  • Weight – 6 – 9 pounds;  
  • Coat – Short hair 
  • Life expectancy – 12 – 15 years

Cymric Cat 

Cymric cat1

Cymric is a Canadian breed and is quite similar to other black and white cats, especially Manx. It has a long hair coat and is loved worldwide. 

They’re placid, and sweet, and do not get too upset about a lot of things. It is mostly a white cat with black spots. The pros and cons are as follows:


  • They are loving and affectionate
  • Unique tailless appearance
  • Very playful and energetic 


  • Can’t be left alone for long
  • Some are born with spinal problems
  • Height – 16 – 18 inches 
  • Weight – 8 – 15 pounds;  
  • Coat – Long solid coat 
  • Life expectancy – 9 – 13 years
Cymric cat


Ragamuffin cat1

This white and black cat is a domestic breed. This is perfect for those living in an apartment since she is even-tempered and does not get upset easily.  

Their nutrition should be controlled in order to not let them go overweight, and the coat should be brushed daily. The pros and cons are as follows:


  • A healthy breed
  • They are calm and affectionate
  • Easy going and trusting


  • They should not be left outside
  • They can develop certain joint problems
  • Height – 10 – 15 inches 
  • Weight – 10 – 20 pounds;  
  • Coat – Long coat 
  • Life expectancy – 12 – 16 years

Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian forest cat1

This domestic breed originated in Northern Europe, so they are adapted to a very cold environment with a double coat of long hair and a wooly undercoat. 

They do not need many cuddles, but are very affectionate to their humans and want to be involved in everything. The pros and cons are as follows:


  • Do not need much attention
  • Can tolerate cold temperatures
  • Friendly and laid-back personality


  • Not a lap cat
  • Coat needs frequent brushing
  • Height – 9 – 12 inches 
  • Weight – 7 – 17 pounds;  
  • Coat – Long coat 
  • Life expectancy – 14 – 16 years


If you want a black and white cat breed as a pet, then you have a number of different options, but there are certain things you need to keep in mind before bringing home a cat. For example, their temperament, some cats cannot survive hot climates and some cold. Plus, most cats are prone to several genetic diseases due to breeding and need regular check-ups. Take care of all these things, you are ready to adopt a beautiful B&W cat! 

black and white cat1


Ans: Breeds like Munchkin, Siberian, Siamese, Maine Coon, Manx, etc. are B&W cat breeds.

Ans: They are normally known as Tuxedo cats, due to their resemblance to black tie formal wear.

Ans: Calico means a cat should have 3 colors, so if the cat is black, white, and orange/brown/gray then it’s calico.


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