Correct me if I’m wrong. A dog can never be “owned”. If it’s a boy, he becomes a son or a brother. If it’s a girl, she becomes a daughter or a sister. In any case, they’re an inseparable part of our families.

It’s this impartial, boundless love for them that makes it so difficult to choose the best kind of food for them. Apart from Sundays for Dogs Food, Dr Marty pet food also be the first step towards a well-balanced diet for our dogs. However, is it? Let’s find out. 

In this blog, I’ve made my best efforts to provide you with an expert Dr Marty dog food review 2024, in terms of its ingredients, nutritional value, and safety.

About Dr Marty Pet Food for Dogs

Dr. Marty Pet Food for Dogs is a frozen-dried raw food that has sought to comply, at its best, with the AAFCO dog food nutrient profile. This profile comprises the most comprehensive list of nutrients required for our dogs. Moreover, its nutritional requirement values are being followed by all the major brands in the US. 


Dr. Martin Goldstein is a renowned veterinarian who holds over 45 years of experience in treating dogs. As stated by him, it’s this experience and love for dogs that motivated him to produce a product that is free from artificial preservatives, additives, and low-quality ingredients.

As per the Dr Marty dog food reviews of his company, it is made with premium ingredients and is freeze-dried to ensure minimal processing. 

Dr Marty Dog Food Ingredients

As per the product information, Dr. Marty dog food ingredients contain a mix of meat, eggs, fruits, and vegetables. In the following headings, you will find these ingredients in the order, in which they appear on the packet. 


The Dr Marty freeze dried dog food boasts a diet rich in high-protein premium meat. Turkey, beef, salmon, and duck, together, form 81 percent of the product.

This is a major plus point of this product, as meat is well capable of fulfilling a dog’s nutritional requirements of essential amino acids, and fatty acids. Such a high quantity of meat must essentially be present in all the best dog foods for German Shepherds and other big dogs. 

Flaxseed, Sweet Potato, Egg, Pea Flour

Flaxseed, sweet potato, egg, and pea flour are further ingredients in the product. These ingredients are known to fulfill the requirements of complex carbohydrates. In addition, they also provide omega-3 fatty acids, and certain minerals to the dog.


Since pea flour is known for its high protein content, it’s unclear if it should be added to the already high-protein meat diet. Due to this fact, you may add pea flour to the list of Dr Marty dog food ingredients to avoid. 

Fruits & Vegetables

Dr Marty’s dog food also contains fruits & vegetables like apples, blueberries, carrots, cranberries, pumpkin seeds, spinach, dried kelp, and ginger. The primary purpose of including these ingredients in food is to ensure an adequate amount of vitamins, minerals, and fiber in the dogs’ diet.

Other Ingredients

Sunflower Seeds, Broccoli, and Kale are other ingredients in the dog food. These are relatively lower in quantity since they’re being written after ‘salt’. This may make their nutritional impact to be near negligible. 

Additives, Preservatives, Artificial Colors

The pack has no artificial additives or colors, which validate its claim of a nature-based food for dogs. As a natural preservative, Mixed Tocopherol has been used in the product which is an oil-based ingredient, rich in Vitamin E. 

Therefore, in Dr. Marty’s dog food ingredients, meat is in the highest quantity, then comes the flaxseed, sweet potato, pea flour & eggs. Furthermore, fruits, vegetables, and other ingredients are in lower quantities, primarily to support the fiber requirements of dogs. 

Dr Marty Dog Food Exposed: Nutrient Analysis

There are primarily seven elements that are essential for our dog’s physical maintenance and growth needs. These are carbohydrates, fiber, water, proteins, minerals, fats and vitamins. In the following points, Dr Marty dog food exposed for the extent of its nutrient cover. 

  • Crude Protein: The Crude protein in food is 37 percent. It is well above the minimum requirement of 22.5 percent in the AAFCO nutrient profile.
  • Crude Fat: It is 27 percent in the food, which is well above the minimally required 8.5 percent. 
  • Crude Fiber: The quantity of fiber is 4 percent in the product, which is equal to the required amount.
  • Calcium: The amount of calcium in the product is 0.5 percent, which is below the requisite amount of 1.2 percent for our dog’s growth and reproduction needs.
  • Iron: The quantity of iron in Dr. Goldstein’s food is 40 mg/kg. It is the bare minimum to maintain our ‘pawdorable’ physically, but for his/her growth the requisite quantity is 88 mg/kg.
  • Leucine: It is a type of protein that is 2 percent in the product. It’s quite above the minimum required quantity of 1.29 percent. 

The product also contains omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential to maintain an omega-6:omega-3 ratio. In addition, the calorie content in the food is about 256 kcal per cup, with over 6 percent moisture.

Dr. Marty’s Food Safety 

There are no artificial chemicals in Dr Marty Nature’s Blend dog food. This might make it one of the safest food products in its category. The company also claims that this product can be kept at room temperature – even 3 months after opening the packet.

Up until now, there has been no recall of Nature Blend dog food. This means that the product is authentic and safe to consume by the intended audience, that is, our dogs. It’s indeed among the must-have German Shepherd accessories, especially for dog enthusiasts.

Product Cost of Marty Goldstein’s Dog Food

Many of the customers have claimed this food packet to be highly expensive. A 16-ounce of the product costs between 40-50 USD. Although, the high cost of food might be due to the usage of premium meat ingredients. However, such cost is definitely a downside to Dr Marty Nature’s Blend dog food. 


In order to save your bucks, you may consider mixing Nature’s Blend food with other brands of dog food products, or even with your own home-prepared food.

Benefits & Drawbacks of Dr Marty Nature’s Blend Food

For every coin, there are always two sides to it. Dr Marty’s raw dog food also inherits both benefits & drawbacks. Among these, the following table enlists some of the most important ones. 

Most nutrients are preserved due to the freeze-dried production process.Dogs might need more fiber with such a high quantity of meat ingredients.
Premium quality meat ingredients fulfill most essential nutrient requirements.Lack of clarification regarding ingredients percentage, reduces the authenticity of the company’s claims.
Minimum grain usage lessens indigestion issues in dogs.
In-house production facility ensures food safety.

With the above comparison of benefits and drawbacks, definitely, there are more pros to this product than cons. However, to make a final decision, you might want to scroll below to read the final take on Dr Marty dog food review. 

Dr Marty Dog Food Review: The Final Take

Even though Dr Marty pet food has premium quality safe ingredients, a balanced nutrient cover, and zero product recalls. However, it might be a costly product for an average dog family, which is a significant downside to it.

In certain nutrition aspects like Calcium and Iron, the product fulfills the minimum requirement of “physical body maintenance” in dogs. However, it does not contain these nutrients in the quantity required for the growth and reproduction needs of dogs. Thus, if you want to train your German Shepherd to protect you as a guard dog, you might need additional food products or homemade recipes. 

Hence, the overall rating for the product would be 7/10 (7 out of 10). 


Ans: You may buy all Dr Marty pet food products here –

Ans: Yes, you may get Dr Marty Goldstein dog food at physical and online stores of Walmart. 

Ans: There are 4 cups of food in each 16 oz dog food pack of Dr. Marty. 

Ans: With 27 percent of crude fat (while the minimum required is 8 percent), Marty’s dog food might be high in fat. 

Ans: Feed 0.75 cups of Dr Marty freeze-dried dog food to 10 lbs dog. Feed 1.5 cups to a 20 lbs dog.  


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