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Separation anxiety can be found in dogs as well as in humans. But here we are going to talk about dogs and getting high-anxiety dog separation heavy-duty crates for them. Separation anxiety is common in dogs of any breed when the owner leaves his dog alone at home for a long time. If you have a big dog that has separation anxiety, it will be harmful and can damage or chew furniture or claw at the walls and doors.

To get rid of this damage, we are going to take a look at the best dog crates for large dogs with separation anxiety.

What Is a Separation Anxiety?

dog with separation anxiety

Separation anxiety in dogs portrays a condition in which a dog shows psychological suffering and behavior issues while separating from the owner. A dog starts showing separation anxiety just after leaving the owner.

Sometimes separation anxiety in dogs starts even before their owner leaves them. The constant barking, howling, digging, and chewing household are some prominent symptoms of a canine with high anxiety. Even pets can poop or urinate inside your home when they get highly anxious. To deal with this, you need high-anxiety dog separation heavy duty crates.

Why Use a Heavy Duty Dog Crate?

why use a heavy duty dog crate 

The primary reason to get heavy duty dog cages for large dogs is to control them from chewing or digging. It is the most pleasing way to keep your dog calm during separation anxiety when it becomes comfortable in the crate.

Another important reason to use a heavy-duty large dog crate is when a visitor arrives at your place. It is necessary for both the visitor and your pet to stay safe by keeping your dog inside the crate. When both of them become comfortable, you can open the cage door.

The heavy-duty dog crates are easy to move from one place to another. So you can easily put the dog crate where you are and where your dog feels comfortable. These high-anxiety dog crates are extremely comfortable to move around easily and put anywhere you want.

5 Best Dog Crates For High Separation Anxiety

best dog crates for separation anxiety

You have known about separation anxiety in dogs a little more. Let’s pick the finest crates for dogs who are scared of being away from their owners. Here are our top choices for the foremost high-anxiety dog crates.

LEMBERI 48/38 Inches Heavy Duty Indestructible Dog Crate

This is an alloy steel material, heavy duty dog crate that is available in a 38 or 48-inch circular tube. This dog crate will cost you $169.99 with specialties like a double door, lockable wheels, an extra large crate indoors, and a removable tray. Apart from these, there are more additional features that can be availed with LEMBERI heavy duty dog crate.

  • Everlasting Heavy Duty Crate: It is a 48-inch dog crate of 20 gauge steel with reinforced 0.5-inch diameter steel tubes. This heavy-duty dog crate has doors with strong joint welds and dual latches. 
  • Safe And Appropriate Design: You feel good knowing that this crate is made of steel, which is non-toxic and has an anti-rush finish. There are two doors in this crate. One is the front door, which is for easy access, and another is the top door, which is for interacting and doing exercise with your dog.
  • Easy To Assemble: All four caster wheels are lockable, which makes it difficult for highly anxious dogs to harm themselves and damage the crate. You will get most of the parts of this cage assembled; you just have to fit four wheels and ten screw bolts. It just takes 10 minutes to assemble LEMBERI heavy duty large dog crate.
  • Easy To Clean: You will get a slide tray underneath this dog crate floor, which makes it easy to clean. It has a perfect size that won’t let anything fall, whether it is dog food or excrement. 
  • Designed For Large Dogs: This dog cage is designed for dogs of large sizes, such as German Shepherds, Labradors, Golden Retrievers, and others. 

Heodmaem 42 Inch Heavy Duty Dog Crate

It is also an alloy metal dog cage with 42 inches-high anxiety heavy duty dog cages that costs $199.99. This is available with lockable wheels and a removable tray, especially for large-size dogs. Moreover, there are other amazing features available with the Hoedmaem dog cage.

  •  Strong And Durable: This dog crate consists of thin wires, steel panels, and sturdy bars, which makes it chew-proof. It is the most suitable cage for dogs with separation anxiety because it keeps your home safe and prevents dogs from getting away from the cage.
  • 4 Locks And 3 Doors: Two front doors let your dog go in and out freely. The top door is provided to interact and play with the pet. Also, the four anti-escape locks are available to prevent dogs from opening the door and going away.
  • Use For Multipurpose: This Heodmaem dog cage is not only for pets, but you can also use it as a beautiful table to make your dog more comfortable. You can keep any decorative stuff on top of the cage, such as small plants. Books, cups, and more.
  • Two Removable Trays and Lockable Wheels: There are two removable trays available on the bottom, so you can collect all the rubbish inside the crate easily. Just pull out the tray and get all the dirt, such as hair, poop, and more, clean. Moreover, there are 4 caster wheels, which make it easy to move this heavy-duty dog crate from one place to another and also stay in one place wherever you want.
  • Easy To Assemble: You will get accessories and instructions inside the package needed for installation. It will take one person up to 30 minutes to assemble this dog crate.

Otaid 48 Inch High Anxiety Dog Separation Heavy Duty Crates

The material of the Otaid dog cage consists of Alloy steel, plastic, and metal with a 0.5 gap. This is a 48-inch dog crate with an upgraded design and strengthened lock, and you can get it for $174.99. It comes with a strong lock design, a double door, and a removable tray for easy clean-up. Otaid heavy-duty dog crates can be used for extra-large and double extra-large dogs. 

Also, take a look at some other ravishing features of this dog cage.

  • Strong And Long Lasting Metal: You’ll get upgraded 20 gauge steel and reinforced 0.5-inch diameter steel tubes. These are as strong as fine wire cages and are the best dog crate for large dogs. Overall, it is a sturdy dog crate for powerful, strong, and aggressive dogs.
  • Easy Assemble And Cleanup: You just have to fit the pre-assembled crate with four wheels and ten screw bolts, which will only take 10 minutes to complete. There are two removable trays, a washable pan, and a floor grate that make your clean-up easier.
  • Secure And Flexible: It is easy to move all around your home as it has four 360-moving wheels that can be locked to keep it securely in place. These Otaid dog crates have double-upgrade bolt locks to keep the dog inside and secure or to avoid injuries when it becomes highly anxious. The double-door design is also convenient for humans, as you can play with or interact with your dog easily.
  • Safe And Reliable: This heavy-duty dog crate is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use because of the multi-layer, protective hammer-tone green coating and corrosion-free metal. Also, its metal is non-toxic, so there is no harm if the dog bites or licks the cage frame.
  • Money-Back Guarantee: If you feel anything is wrong with the dog kennel in 30 days, you can contact us for a free replacement and money refund.

Huddycove Stackable 48-inch Dog Crate

This heavy duty dog cage has an optional divider and is suitable for two small or extra-large dogs. There are two removable trays available and lockable wheels. Moreover, it has a chew-proof pet cage, so your dog cannot chew the metal whenever it gets highly anxious. You will get all these amazing benefits from the Huddycove Stackable Dog Cage for $223.99. Not only these, but there are other features available with this Huddycove Stackable Dog Cage that are mentioned below:

  • Vertical Stackable Design: If you have multiple dogs in your home, you are allowed to put two small dogs in a cage using a divider. You can easily keep one crate above another so that it requires less space. 
  • Divider Is Optional: You can put 2 little dogs inside the cage if you purchase a divider panel. This is the greatest option to save money and a good choice to keep the pet family together. 
  • Easy To Use And Clean: There are two removable trays provided to easily remove and clean any waste. Moreover, there are 4 lockable 360-degree wheels, which are very helpful for moving this crate from one place to another. Or you can lock those wheels if you want your pets to stay in one place.
  • Strong And Reliable Structure: This heavy-duty dog crate provides your pet with a sound and secure environment with 0.4 inches of metal bars. Its 48 inches kennel is made up of strong and rust-free steel.
  • Select the Right Size: As you know, this dog cage is available for two little pups and one extra large dog. It is one of the big cages for dogs, with internal dimensions of 45.7”L x 27.6”W x 28. So before making a purchase, make sure to measure your dog and compare it with the internal dimensions of this heavy-duty crate.

WOKEEN 48/38 Inch Heavy Duty Dog Crate

WOOKEEN dog cage is made up of alloy steel, has a strong lock design, a double door, and a removable tray for $174.86. This cage can be used for XL or XXL-size dogs. It is available in two sizes, 48 or 38 inches, so you can choose any one of these sizes that is suitable for your dog. Besides that, there are several other advantages of WOKEEN dog cages, which are mentioned below:

  • Sturdy And Long-Lasting Metal:  It’s 48 inches of 20-gauge steel and reinforced 0.6-inch diameter steel tubes. These are much stronger than fine wire cages. This cage is sturdy for large dogs who are aggressive, strong, and powerful.
  • Best Mobility & Security: Its four 360-degree castle wheels allow you to move this crate from one place to another without any hurdles. Out of these, two wheels can be locked so that you can place this dog cage securely in one place. Besides that, you will also get a double upgrade bolt lock design for a highly anxious dog to avoid injury or damage.
  • Easy To Clean And Assemble: You will get this dog crate pre-assembled, so all you have to do is fit it with the four wheels and two trays at the bottom. It is also easy to clean because of the removable bottom trays, which are washable metal pans, and the floor grate, which makes it easier to clean. 
  • Reliable And Safe: This cage has a multi-layer, protective hammer-tone green coating that is rust-free and is appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use. It is also safe when your dog chews or licks the cage frame because it is non-toxic.
  • Money Refund Policy: In case you do not find heavy-duty dog cages worthy, you can contact the company for a replacement and a full money refund.

How To Choose the Best Heavy Duty Dog Crates?

Before choosing the right dog crate for your pet, you must consider its qualities. There are several features that you must check out before getting a separation anxiety dog crate.

  • Get the Right Size Crate For Your Dog: Before getting any dog cage, you must decide on the correct size. Its space should be enough for the dog to stretch out while lying inside it. They can stand and move around the crate without being hit. It is always better to get a larger cage for your lovely pet than a smaller one.
  • Be Careful Of “Dog Proof” Statements: If your dog has a strong habit of chewing or scratching anything, don’t ever go for plastic or fabric crates. It all depends on your dog whether to get a heavier standard wire crate or not. Moreover, you can also choose the biggest steel bars, and solid metal slides are a much better option for your dog.
  • Ease Of Assembly and Cleaning: These crates are heavy, and they are shipped in pieces. So you have to assemble its parts before keeping your pup inside it. To do it easily, make sure you purchase a brand that is easy to assemble. The other biggest thing is to clean the crate, for which removable trays are available. You just have to remove these trays and clean the dirt and excrement inside the heavy-duty dog cages.
  • Good Ventilation: You must pick a dog crate with appropriate holes so that your dog gets fresh air to breathe properly. A dog crate with good airflow will prevent odors and make your pet more comfortable inside it.
  • Caster Wheels: These are important things that you must check out before getting a high-anxiety dog separation heavy-duty crate. You need to move crates from one place to another, which is why caster wheels are a must. That’s why you should always look for a brand that provides wheels for dog crates.

Does Crate Help Dogs To Deal With Separation Anxiety?

do crates help dogs with separation anxiety

Yes, crates help dogs deal with separation anxiety, as seen in many cases. Dogs love their crate, feel relaxed, and can sleep inside it when nobody is around. It is very injurious to leave dogs alone, uncrated, with separation anxiety. They can chew on home furniture and claw at walls or doors. But if you keep your pups in a cage, they’ll feel comfortable and spend their time playing or lying inside heavy-duty dog crates.

How to Crate Train a Dog With Severe Separation Anxiety?

crate training a dog

Once you get a dog crate, you have to train your pet to get comfortable with it. Here are some methods by which you can easily crate train your dog with high separation anxiety.

Choose the Right Crate

The first step is to choose the correct size crate for your dog. The dog cage should not be too small because if there is less space, your dog will feel claustrophobic. Or, if it is too large, your dog will pace back and poop in one corner of the crate. 

Attract Them With A Treat

When your dog goes near the crate, throw a food treat at his entrance. You can do this every time your dog goes near the cage. If your pup learns to settle down inside the cage, reward him for the behavior with your love or a food treat. You should show your dog that the crate is an awesome place that is full of goodies and fun. 

Offer Food Inside the Crate

The finest thing you can do is always provide meals to your dog inside the heavy-duty dog crate. Just keep the bowl inside the cage and motivate the dog to enter. Or you can also encourage your dog to go in and then place the dinner bowl within the crate.

Introduce Dog With Door

When your dog starts his meal inside the crate, you can train him about the door. First, you start by only closing the door; make sure you open it after your dog finishes the meal. By this time, your dog will start to adjust, and you can close the door after a few minutes of taking meals. Promptly, your dog will stay happy inside the crate and might also take naps within the cage.

Bedtime Within Dog Crate

You can start restraining your dog inside the cage for a long time if it gets used to it and stays for more than 15 minutes after eating. You should move the cage where your dog likes to sleep; doing this will make your pet feel comfy inside the crate. Make your dog more cozy by putting some toys and treats inside the cage. This will encourage them to spend more time in the crate and easily settle into the new bedtime routine. 

Give Your Dog Time To Adjust

It usually takes a couple of weeks for the crate to settle. But once they get adjusted, they will surely enjoy their peaceful place to sleep and have meals. They will run to the crate on their own as you train them and spend more time there.


Finally, our top pick to get a high-anxiety dog separation heavy-duty crate is Huddycove Stackable 48 inches dog crate. This is an amazing dog crate choice, whether you have small pups or a large dog. You can put two dogs inside this cage, as they provide a divider for that. Moreover, it offers two removable trays for easy clean up and is a chew-proof cage, so your dog can not chew it when he becomes highly anxious. In our opinion, it is the supreme heavy-duty dog crate choice for your dog with high separation anxiety.

Other than this, you can also check out other dog crates and purchase them as per your suitability and budget. If it is in your budget, buy the premium dog cage for your lovely pet; otherwise, go for a decent product.

FAQs [High Anxiety Dog Separation Heavy Duty Crates]

Here are some questions that are asked by many people who want to purchase a high-anxiety dog cage.

Ans: Crates are not a solution to cure separation anxiety in dogs, but they are a better option to keep them in a sound or secure place whenever they are left alone. Moreover, if your dog becomes comfortable in the crate, it will spend more time inside the crate.

Ans: Huddycove Stackable 48 inches crate is better for dogs with separation anxiety. It is chew-proof and can be adjusted for two small pups and an extra large dog as well.

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