Are you planning to bring home a Siamese cat mix breed? 

The Siamese cat breed belongs to Asian cats. They are highly adored by people across North America and Europe. Siamese mix cats are a diverse breed gained by entwining the genes of Siamese cats with those of other breeds. They have distinctive looks, traits, and personalities, so before opting for one for yourself, you must assess which mixed breed will suit you the best. 

Here are 23 types of Siamese cats, so read on to make the right purchase/adoption decision. 

Siamese Cats – Origin and Appearance

Originated in Thailand, the Siamese cats are the oldest, most premium, and highly expensive breed. They like to socialize and have amazing personalities. However, they can be cunning too!

These cats have a striking appearance, and interestingly, the kittens are born with a white coat. Their color point darkens as they grow, and these colors determine which Siamese cat breed it is. 

There are four different types of siamese cats as per color variations and they are:

  • Chocolate Point – They are adorned with a beautiful cream-colored body. The dark brown chocolate markings make them more attractive.
  • Blue Point – These have a cold-toned gray body. There are lighter blue points that darken with time.
  • Lilac Point – They are admired for their appealing lilac-gray color-point coat. 
  • Seal Point – Due to their dark brown color points, they are entitled as Seal-point Siamese cats. They have cream-colored coats and chocolate brown points at the nose, leather, paw pads, ears, facial mask, tail, and paws. 

These unique mix breeds need good quality Siamese cat food to optimize their muscle mass. Their healthy diet consists of high-protein wet food, free from grains.

Distinctive Features of Siamese Cat Mix Breeds

As they are a mix of two different breeds, Siamese mix cats generally come with a set of positive traits and features. These traits come from parent breeds. 

  1. Blue eyes with sharp night vision
  2. Slender bodies
  3. Appealing Triangular heads
  4. Unique variations in the coat patterns
  5. Length of their fur with exclusive color variations 
  6. The beautiful, darker points

Certainly, they have a unique appearance and are mostly preferred for their elegance and enchanted appearance. Mix Siamese cats are vocal, and intelligent, and demand your companionship. They get along with children very well. Also, these cats are very social, and cannot be left home alone for longer periods as they tend to be depressed. 

23 Siamese Mix Cat Breeds

Siamese cats are considered iconic breeds for their personalities and friendly behavior. When intertwined with other breeds, the outcome is certainly unique in both appearance and characteristics. However, most of the Siamese breeds discussed below, inherit their color and characteristics from Seal point Siamese  

There are 23 types of mix Siamese cat breeds to choose from. So in case you are planning to get one read on, learn about their temperament and nature, and decide which one will be the best to accompany you. 

American Short Hair Siamese Mix

American Shorthair Siamese

The peculiar blend of slender, lean elegance and sturdy build makes them the perfect mix Siamese kittens. They have a short and dense coat, and their color relies on the influence of American Shorthair. You bring a moderately active, and adaptive cat home when you pick American Shorthair Siamese Mix. Also, they are not very talkative, so they are perfect to accompany you if you live alone.

Abyssinian Siamese Mix

Abyssinian Siamese Mix

The striking colors of the Abyssinian and the defined points of Siamese kittens make them a treat to admire. Their coat is medium, and their body is muscular. They have a distinctive warm-toned pattern. Their mesmerizing, almond-shaped blue eyes are inherited by the parent breed. 

Their nature is playful, affectionate, and friendly. This Siamese cat mix is the explorer type, and they have this tendency to climb high. Highly energetic, they make good companions. 

Birman Siamese Mix

Birman Siamese Mix

Birmans are Siamese cat breeds blessed with pure white fur and have gloved paws. The kittens inherit the medium-large size from their Birman parent, and elegance from the Siamese one. Their nature is gentle and affectionate, a legacy from both the parent breeds. If you are looking for a relaxed cat pet, this is the one!

Bengal Siamese Mix

Bengal Siamese Mix

The marble-like coat of the Bengal breed and the beautiful darker points of the Siamese breed give a marvelous appearance to the Bengal Siamese Mix. This mixed Siamese cat breed is also a distinctive combination of domestic temperament and wild appearance. 

Their body is sturdy and athletic. Like the Bengal cat parent, the hind legs are stronger than the front. They also follow the legacy of their love for water, and their chit-chats never fail to capture their owner’s attention. 

Egyptian Mau Siamese Mix

Egyptian Mau Siamese Mix

The intertwining of Egyptian Mau and Siamese breeds gives them large green eyes. The spotted coat and the athletic build of the parent breeds add to the physical appearance of this mixed-breed cat. The Egyptian Mau Siamese cat breeds are natural athletes as they have a well-muscled, medium-sized, rounded appearance. Their nature is outgoing and loyal. 

Orange Tabby Siamese Mix

Orange Tabby Siamese Mix

Orange coat of the Tabby, and the darker points of the Siamese club together, and the outcome is a distinctive Orange Tabby Siamese Mix. Their classic mark of M makes them attractive with a muscular, medium-sized body. 

Tabby has a behavior similar to the dogs.

Orange Tabby Siamese mix makes a perfect pet companion for your children, as they love to play games like fetching the ball. They are also compatible with other pets due to their affectionate nature. These types of Siamese cats fit well in homes with children, and other pets around. 

Siamese Main Coon Mix

Siamese Maine Coon Mix

They are adorable, outgoing, and playful cats. These cats are eager to learn and are very energetic to play new games. Maine Coon Siamese Cat Mix makes an adorable blend of dark coloration, glorifying the shaggy, long, and large coat of Maine Coon. They have a sturdy body, a muscular build, a bushy tail, and tufted ears. 

Manx Siamese Mix Cats

Manx Siamese Mix

Among all the types of Siamese breeds, The Manx breed of cat has a special trait of not having a tail. So, their mixed breed will have the dark points of the Siamese and the tailless back of the Manx. The playful nature is inherited from the Manx parents. They come out to be the most caring and loving pets. Their coat length is short-medium which makes them easy to maintain. 

Siamese Black Cat Mix

Siamese Black Cat Mix

The dark coat and signature blue eyes of the Siamese parent, make these types of Siamese cats peculiar and appealing pet. They have a sleek look with medium body size. It is believed that black cats are a symbol of good luck. So, the combination of social and affectionate nature, and black cat’s characteristics make them a loving feline friend. 

Siamese Himalayan Mix

Siamese Himalayan Mix

The long, elegant coats of Himalayan cats make them peculiar from other breeds. When darker siamese coloration adores Himalayan’s long, luscious coat, you get that overwhelming mix. The size of these cats varies from medium to large, and their striking Himalayan blue eyes make them adorable. 

These Siamese kittens have a round face and deep coloration of seal, chocolate, or lilac shades. Himalayan parents’ calm nature and Siamese parents’ sociability, make this mix an ultimate pet for your family. 

Siamese British Short Hair Mix

Siamese British Shorthair Mix

With their athletic body structure, the Siamese British Shorthair mix is an amazing cat breed. Their coat color is determined by British Shorthair and the dark brown patches are inherited from siamese. 

All the types of Siamese cats are social. The same is the case with this breed. They make charming pets for your family. These cats rely on meat-based diets, so invest in the best British short-hair cat food to maintain the short furry coat of this breed.

Burmese Siamese Mix

Burmese Siamese Mix

A unique fusion of Burmese and Siamese Parents is called ‘Tonkinese Cat’ or Burmese Siamese Mix. Their build is sturdy, and they look elegant. The champagne, platinum, blue, or sable coats are embellished with colors on their paws, nose leather, and ears, making them look royal and elegant. 

Their temperament is cool, and they are loyal like dogs. As an influence of the siamese parent, their love towards socializing makes them form a deep bond with their owners.  

Siamese Tabby Mix

Siamese Tabby Mix

Siamese Tabby Mix is an intelligent, lovable child of the Tabby and Siamese breed. Their proportion of intelligence and appearance is the same. 

With a muscular, medium-sized body, and a special M marking on the forehead; a signature mark of the Tabby breed, this cat mix just steals the hearts. They have unique patterns, possessed by Tabbies that’s why they are also known as Lynx Point Siamese. It’s a lovely cat with outgoing and playful natures which makes it an amazing choice for your family. 

Siamese Calico Mix

Siamese Calico Mix Cat

The coat of Siamese Calico Mix is influenced by its Calico parent. The pleasant combination of colors with distinctive darker hues of their Siamese parent makes them attractive. 

These types of Siamese breeds have medium-sized bodies. Being a mixed breed, they have varied color combinations on their coats, including orange, white, and black. Calico cats come with their good luck charm, and this mix has a playful nature. So, keep your energy levels up if you are planning to adopt this cat.

Siamese Tortie Mix

Siamese Tortie Mix

Amidst all the types of Siamese breeds, this cat resembles the coat of a Tortoiseshell. They own a multicolored coat with orange and black patches, combined with dark coloration. Their body size is medium, with coat size relying on Tortie’s influence. If you have kids, they would love them for their extrovert and energetic vibes.

Siamese Domestic Short Hair Mix

Siamese Domestic Shorthair Mix

Siamese Domestic Short Hair mix combines the elegance of its Siamese parent and the strong build of its Domestic Shorthair parent. The potential color combination of these kittens is inherited from both their parents. Due to their mixed breed lineage, these cats are friendly and can be vocal sometimes. 

Siamese Persian Mix

Siamese Persian Mix

Yet again, a different type of Siamese cat. Persian cats have appealing long coats clubbed with darker hues, this unique mix possesses a sturdy build with an enticing appearance. They have expressive blue eyes and a cute face. Though their nature is calm, their attitude is laid back, making a loving feline friend. In addition, these types of Siamese cats are curious and open to learning also. So make sure to give them enough physical and mental stimulation. 

Siamese Russian Blue Mix

Siamese Russian Blue Mix

A delight to watch! Siamese Russian Blue Mix possesses a nice, lavish coat with silver-blue hues with siamese influence. Their muscular, medium-sized body and Russian Blue’s charismatic eyes create a perfect harmonious base coat and hues. 

They have a reserved yet affectionate nature, and their bond with their human companions is deep and strong. Overall they are quite loyal and lovable, perfect for families who have toddlers or kids. 

Siamese Bobcat Mix

Siamese Bobcat Mix

The Siamese Bobcat Mix is a rare type of Siamese breed. They inherit the muscular body structure from their Bobcat parents. They have inherited their embracing tan brown coat with dark points from the parent breeds. 

Nature-wise, they have a liberal attitude. As compared to other cats, they are independent and active. So, if you want your cat to play by itself, this can be a perfect choice. 

Siamese Tuxedo Cat Mix

Siamese Tuxedo Cat Mix

The Siamese Tuxedo Cat mix has this peculiar black-and-white look, like a Tuxedo suit. The dark points of Siamese inheritance make this Siamese mix cat, overloaded with cuteness. 

Their build is sturdy and medium-sized, with a short coat. The bi-colored pattern is reflective of the beautiful amalgamation of two breeds. These Siamese kittens make loving and engaging pets with a combination of intelligence and an affectionate and social nature.

Siamese Ragdoll Mix

Siamese Ragdoll Mix

Siamese Ragdoll Mix, also called Ragmese, is a perfect blend of the gorgeous coat size of a Ragdoll cat, with Siamese darker points. This cat has a sturdy and muscular build with a distinguishing V-shaped marking on the face.

Their temperament is obedient and calm. This Siamese cat breed is like a soft, cuddly doll. The cute kittens have inherited the striking ocean-blue eyes from both the parent breeds. 

Siamese Snowshoe Mix

Siamese Snowshoe Mix Cat

Siamese Snowshoe mix cats got their name from their distinctive white boots that resemble snow boots. The boots on their paws have a perfect color combination that will remind you of the snow boots.  They are gifted with a sturdy build and muscular body, which make their appearance charismatic.

Among all the types of Siamese cat mixes, this one is an amalgamation of bi-colored patterns of Siamese Shorthair and Siamese point-color. 

They are social, affectionate, and lively. Their playful nature will make the kids of your house engaged and happy. So, if you have a family with kids, you can consider bringing this cat home. 

Scottish Fold Siamese Cat

Siamese Scottish Fold Mix

Siamese Scottish Mix Fold has Siamese and Scottish Fold as its parents. This Siamese cat breed is gorgeous, loyal, intelligent, and loving. However, they need a lot of attention and space. These cats are quite playful and active, that’s why they need toys for mental stimulation. 

An interesting fact about Scottish fold cats is that they are bred with other breeds. They are not bred with each other as their kittens might get degenerative problems. Also, not all kittens are born with those signature Scottish folds on their ears. 

Siamese Mix Cat and Allergies

Pets and allergies are a common topic of concern. Normally, people are allergic to cats’ hair that they shed. On a general note, no cat is completely hypoallergenic. But, our very own slender, attractive Siamese cat breeds shed very little hair. 

So, these breeds also follow the legacy and are not harmful to people prone to allergies. Also, these cats produce comparatively less Fel D 1 protein responsible for allergies in humans. So you can definitely welcome these cuties home in case you aren’t sensitive to minor hair shedding.

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Smart Tip👍

If possible, spend time with a Siamese mix cat, or the mix breed you want to bring home. Spending time will give a clear picture of your body’s reactions to the cat.

Wrapping Up

Purchasing a cat as a pet is a good choice, and if you are considering a Siamese cat mix, the comprehensive guide summarizing Siamese cat mixes can be helpful. If you want a playful cat, go for the Siamese Tabby Mix, or Maine coon Siamese cat mix. 

Opt for the Bengal and Siamese cat mix in case you want your feline friend to be more playful and energetic. Also, due to mixed breeds, they are expensive for their versatility. So we recommend you adopt them from a rescue home. This way, you’ll be able to welcome these furry angels without burning a hole in your pocket.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans: Siamese cats tend to have central nervous system disorders due to stress. These cats need your company, and should not be left alone for long hours.

Ans: Siamese purebreds are expensive. So, their mix cost vary from $50 – $250. You can choose to adopt them from a rescue organization at a lower fee.

Ans: A few recognizing signs include a pair of striking blue, almond-shaped eyes. Their light-colored coats with dark color points (ears, paws, nose leather, and tail) are their distinctive features.

Ans: No, Siamese is one of the popular and oldest breeds; so, their mixes are not rare. Additionally, some mixed Siamese cat breeds can be less than common, but they aren’t exclusively rare.

Ans: The lifespan of Siamese cats is 15 years. If taken care of their health, some Siamese cats reach the age of 20.

Ans: Yes, Siamese cats love to play with water and even love to swim.



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