Suman Bisht
Suman Bisht

Dog Lover and Pet Enthusiast

Since her childhood, Suman has been very fond of and fascinated by dogs, puppies, and literally everything related to these small goofballs. And now, finally, she has her own cute little Oscar, a black Labrador, whom she adores a lot. Oscar is three years old and even has his own Instagram account, where you can visit and see his adorable pictures anytime.

Oscar is very playful and enjoys meeting new people as he gets more pets. Of course, he does; who wouldn't pet this cute munchkin?

Not just that, being an utmost dog lover and taking care of a dog for about 3 years now, Suman is well experienced in this field and has some insightful details about how to take care of a pet. So to divert her experience and knowledge into something productive, she has taken the road of writing.

So if you are also a dog owner looking to learn about owning a dog and other such experiences, you should definitely visit Suman’s blogs and do visit Oscar’s Instagram page.

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