Whether it is a Mini GoldenDoodle or a Teacup Maltipoo—every breed of dog requires good health and fitness. Purchasing a treadmill for dogs is the best health investment you can make for them. 

Generally, vets keep dog runner treadmills with them for therapy, training, and fitness sessions. But do you know that you can also buy a treadmill for your pet dog? 

On the days when you cannot take them out, a dog’s treadmill can just do the task! That’s why we have shortlisted the best 11 dog treadmills that will help your furry friend burn some calories. Read on to know more!

Types of Treadmill for Dogs

Yes, a treadmill for dogs is a thing!

Buying the best dog food isn’t sufficient to maintain optimal health for your buddy; they also need a treadmill to burn their energy. The market for dog treadmills is loaded with several options. 

So before getting confused on Amazon or Walmart, understand the different types of treadmills. It will give you a clear picture of what sort of treadmill you might require for your little companion. Treadmills for dogs are categorized under three main heads:

Manual Dog Treadmills/ Self Propelled Dog Treadmills

In manual or self-propelled dog treadmills, the pace of running on the treadmill depends on your dog. Most of the dogs run at a very fast pace on their own. So, their energy is burnt more on manual treadmills as compared to the electric ones. 

These are further divided into slat and carpet treadmills. A slat treadmill for dogs has slats joined together in a loop, and the latter has a carpet spread over the rotating belt. There is a dog treadmill harness attached on top, and both sides are enveloped with barriers for safety purposes. 

Electric Treadmill for Dogs

Electric treadmills come in different sizes and shapes. They have consoles to monitor inclination, speed, and duration. For instance, the dog pacer treadmills are equipped with an emergency stop clip to be hooked to the dog treadmill harness. The treadmill will stop moving if the dog stops all of a sudden. 

Water Treadmill for Dogs

A water treadmill for dogs is suggested by vets if a dog has surpassed any injury or illness. Underwater treadmills can contribute significantly to the healing of dogs and help them walk again. 

To add to their benefits, canine athletes have benefitted from a dog water treadmill for conditioning and endurance. These are generally higher in price, so you can choose vet sessions if you have an injured or ill pet.

Treadwheel or Flywheel Treadmill

Treadwheels are self-propelled. Your dog has to put considerable effort into running on it. The treadwheel can be easily mounted on the floor. It serves as outdoor equipment to cater to your dog’s boredom. 

So that now you are well-versed with different types of dog treadmills, it’s finally time to move on to the 11 best treadmill for dogs. You can simply figure out a treadmill that caters to your pet’s fitness requirements.

11 Best Treadmill for Dogs

From tread wheels for small breeds to dog treadmills for large dogs, here is a detailed review of the 11 best treadmills for dogs. 

Lifepro Dog Treadmill (Pocket-Friendly and Most Sought After)

Lifepro Dog Treadmill

Lifepro Dog Treadmill is a budget-friendly treadmill for your dog’s health and fitness. With 12 preset running programs, a quiet motor, and a longer running area, this treadmill is apt for your medium-sized dog that weighs up to 130 pounds. Overall, this treadmill for dogs ranks good on the performance and customer satisfaction criteria. 

Product Specifications

Average Price$400
Dimensions48″D x 22.8″W x 41.75″H
Product Weight47 Pounds
Special FeatureWheeled, so portable
Maximum Speed8 Miles/hr
InstallationEasy to install/ assemble
Special FeatureQuiet Motor – No vibrations and disturbing sounds
Strengths Limitations
Emergency stop button and safety keyNarrow running area
Remote control facilityFragile side screen attachment
No sounds or vibrations

dogPacer LF Treadmill 3.1 (Preferred Choice)

Dog Pacer LF Treadmill 3 1

The dogPacer LF Treadmill 3.1 is also a preferred choice for its features. If your dogs weigh 179 lbs, this one is the best. So, at an affordable price of nearly $600, the dogPacer treadmill caters to all sizes of dogs and is loaded with features to train them, too. 

Product Specifications

Average price$560
Product dimensions76.77″D x 27.6″W x 46.18″H
Product weight97 pounds
Material usedCarbon steel
Max speed7.5 miles/hr
Special featureFoldable, easy to store
Quiet motorFewer programs for training
Safety ensuredSqueaks on pressure
Long runway platformCould have modes to save custom programs
Easy installationHeavy to lift
Smart programming
Speed and inclination control
Has a display screen

GoPet Treadwheel for Dogs (CS8022- Room for Some Fun)

GoPet Treadwheel with Stand

You do not need electricity for the GoPet Treadwheel. If your dog is active enough, this is the perfect treadwheel for your cute pooch. The wheel does not need power, it needs the energy and stamina of your dog. There are several other models to choose from, and the specifications below are provided for a single model.

Product Specifications

Average price:$3.399.95-$4,134.00
Product dimensions87″H x 36″D x 82″W
Maximum capacity150lbs
Running area82″D x 22″ W
Product weight250lbs
Special featureSelective models have odometer and breaks
Needs no powerYour dog can get bored easily
The dog can run at its own paceRequires proper training
Comes with a cushioned and matted surfaceCan remain unused if the dog does not accept it
Compact to accommodateHigher on the price range
Tension control

DogPacer 4.0 (For Full Size Dogs) 

DogPacer 4

dogPacer LF 4.0 is a dog treadmill for large dogs. It possesses all the features that an idle dog treadmill must have. Whether you need to train or recover them from any injury, the dog pacer treadmill got you covered. The hi-tech treadmill provides more comfort to the dog’s joints as compared to running on regular roads. 

Product Specifications

Average price$800
Treadmill height:46 inches
Material used:Carbon steel
Dog’s weight up to179 lbs
Speed0.5 –7.5 mph (0.1 increments)
Running area71″ l X 16.5″ w
Product weight84.4 lbs (37.7 kg)
Special featureHas Bluetooth and DogPacer app connectivity
Sturdy, light, and portableDifficulty in assembling and aligning
Durable in useImproper instructions provided in the user manual
Comes with pre-set programsThe DogPacer app is not up to the mark
Lifetime warranty on framesTakes time to fold and unfold the treadmill
Shows dog’s calorie display
Has inclined features
Shock absorbing technology
Adjustable walking surface

GoPet PR725 Dog Treadmill (Large Dogs)


GoPet PetRunPR725 is considered to be a perfect pick if you are looking for a dog treadmill for large dogs like the German Shepherds. It makes an ideal choice for giant breeds as it bears the weight of an enormous 175 pounds and can accommodate even larger dogs. The treadmill has many features, with the Air Step Incline system, being the best one. However, its price is on a steeper side. 

Product Description

Running area:71” x 16”
Overall size:90″ l x 24″ w x 16″ h
Preferred forDogs up to 132 lbs
Special featureAir step incline
Speed0.6–10 MPH
AttachmentsDog chain holder and a metal eyelet for toy
PortabilityDolly wheels enhance easy mobility
Incline changing optionsPrice is high
Has both remote and manual controlInstruction manual and parts description mismatch
Control over speed and timeTakes more space
Does not make much noise
The running platform is low
Variations in exercise regime
Auto-folding design

GoPet PR720F (Small-Medium Sized Dogs)

GoPet PR720F

GoPet PR720F treadmill is for small to medium-sized breeds. The best part of this treadmill is that it has a lower running platform, giving small dogs the ease to climb up and enjoy jogging regimes. What can be better than the idea of a dog enjoying itself indoors if the weather is not good outside? 

Product Specifications

Average Price$1199
For Dogs Weighing up to132lbs
Running area52″L x 16″W
Speed0.6–8 MPH (1-12 KPH)
Total dimensions60″L x 24″W x 11″H
Special featureAdjustable incline along with easy fold
Strengths Limitations
Easy mobilityNeed to assemble it yourself
Quiet operation
Choice of manual and remote control functioning
Emergency stop button
Attached dog chain holder
Push control for increase/ decrease

Dog Trotter USA Classic Trotter (The Classic One)

Dog Trotter USA Classic Trotter

Dog Trotter USA Classic Trotter is a manual slat treadmill for dogs made with aluminum. If your dog has that x-factor to push its limits, this one is the right pick. Here, your dog will determine the pace. So, the dog needs to be highly willing. Manual slatmills have their benefits and qualities. The slatmill comes in three sizes, here are the product specifications for the medium one.

Product Specifications for Medium Size

Average price$3199
MaterialAnodized aluminum
Overall length65”
Long running surface49”
Wide running surface12”
Recommended forDogs weight up to 70lbs
Strengths Limitations
Durable and sturdyOn expensive side
Has lightweight frame
Dolly wheels enable easy mobility
Comes almost fully assembled
Available in three sizes

dogPacer Mini Pacer (Small Dogs)

DogPacer Mini Pacer

DogPacer Mini Pacer is an affordable dog pacer treadmill, specifically designed for small dogs. It falls under the affordable price category. If your pet weighs under 55 lbs, you can consider purchasing this model. With a durable track, it is sturdy, and programmed to cater to your pet’s workout needs.

Product Specifications

Average price$578
Running area38*16 inches
Product weight48.4 pounds
Footprint42*28.5*21.5 inches
Speed0.5-7.5 mph
Pet’s weightBelow 55lbs
MaterialCarbon steel
Strengths Limitations
Portable and durableDoes not fold up
Versatile preset exercise programIncline cannot be adjusted
Sturdy and safeOverhead bar is low

PawPaw’s Dog Treadmill (Pocket-Friendly Slatmill)

PawPaws Dog Treadmill

Looking for a slat mill for dogs on a budget? 

Your search ends at PawPaw’s Dog Treadmill. It is like purchasing a professional-level slat mill without digging a hole in your pocket. Available in two sizes and built with sturdy material, PawPaw is a good option to vent out your little pooch’s energy. The price may differ as per the treadmill’s size. 

Product Specification

Average price$630
Weight99 Pounds for medium size
Footprint63*20.5*51.2 Inches
MaterialCarbon steel
Dog’s weightWeight up to 220 lbs-medium size
Height can be adjustedWood slats are not durable
Has aluminum alloy wheelsNo breaks during the workout
Available in two sizes
Smooth track

Dog Runner Ortho Pro Electric Treadmill (For Vets and Training Dogs)

Dog Runner Ortho Treadmill

The Dog Runner Ortho Pro Electric Treadmill is for sports and training dogs, more specifically. Even vets prefer this treadmill for dogs for their conditioning and therapies. As compared to its counterparts, this device is 28% more shock-absorbent. The idea behind designing this treadmill is to take care of dogs’ joints as they are vulnerable. 

Product Specifications

Average price$1,999
Device dimensions81.9*25.6*
Device weight174 lbs
Speed0.5-11.2 mph
Dog’s weightUp to 285 lbs
Special featureTubular metal side rails for security
Automatic incline (15 levels)Quite expensive
LCD screen for time, speed, calories and distanceNot an idle option for pet dogs
Enables user-designed programs
Emergency safety shut off
More suitable for vets and dog training centers

Goplus Dog Treadmill (For Small and Medium-Sized Dogs)

Goplus Dog Treadmill

Goplus Dog Treadmill has a remote control facility; and is perfect for your small and medium-sized dog(s). With a 1.4” display screen, the device comes at a modest price. Keep your dog active on a rainy day by making him walk on this treadmill. It has 12 pre-set exercise programs that bring in a lot of variations for your little pal. 

Product Description

Average price$300
Product dimensions21*49*29.5
Display typeLCD
Special featurePortable, has wheels
Speed0.5-7.5 mph
Strength Limitations
Has a digital displaySmaller running belt
Comes with pre-set programsFails to accommodate medium-sized dogs
Remote control
Falls at the cheaper side
Wheels enable device mobility

Purchasing a dog treadmill is a good idea for several reasons, like bad weather, a dog’s mental stimulation, safety, physical rehabilitation, minimizing the risk of injury and damage to soft tissues, and so on. 

🤔 Do you know… 

Your dog might need proper shoes to walk on the treadmill for extra cushioning and comfort. Ask your Vet for proper guidance.

Nevertheless, a clear-cut list of top treadmills for dogs has been given, we suggest consulting your pet’s vet if the dog has health concerns, or is above seven years of age. 

What to Look for When Buying a Treadmill for Dogs?

You can go through the given pointers to decide which treadmill to purchase for your loyal companion.

  • Storage – The treadmill must accommodate the space your house has. 
  • Portability – A treadmill for dogs with wheels can be a plus point.
  • Features – In the case of an electric treadmill or slat treadmill for dogs, look for all the features like setting the incline, exercise features, etc. Special features can be a bonus point.
  • Blinders and Harness – The dog treadmill must have barriers or blinds as side panels and a dog treadmill harness for safety purposes. 
  • Exercise Programs –  Exercise programs mean saving workout regimes suitable to your dog’s physical requirements and health.
  • Dog’s Safety and Comfort – Most of the dog owners prefer treadmills. In this case, the dog must be happy jogging on the treadmill rather than feeling scared of the machine’s sound. 
  • Pros and Cons – Before investing in any treadmill for your dog, consider its pros and cons. 
  • Dog’s Breed, Size, and Weight – Invest in a treadmill for your dog after considering its breed and weight. 
  • Budget – Certainly, consider your budget also. There’s no point in overspending on a treadmill if your pocket does not allow it. There are other affordable options too. 

How to Train Your Dog to Run on a Treadmill?

Undoubtedly, there is nothing better than taking your dog out for a walk daily. Sometimes factors like health conditions, weather conditions, or time constraint can affect their walk routines. During that time, a treadmill for dogs comes to the rescue. Your dogs must learn to use a treadmill, and before that, accept the treadmill.

Here are the ways to train them efficiently:

  • Introduce the treadmill and its sound when your dog is around. 
  • Make learning a fun-loving process; try not to be harsh while commanding them.
  • You can use a treat or their favorite toy to motivate them to climb up the treadmill.
  • Once on the treadmill, introduce them to the term “Stay”. Do this when the device is “Off”.
  • Start at zero inclination and lowest speed until they know the meaning of STAY. 
  • Use the leash, but don’t attach it to the device’s dog treadmill harness attachment. This will raise their confidence and trust.
  • Gradually increase the speed. Remember to reward them with a treat once they obey your command.
  • Help them by moving the deck on your own if training the dog on slat treadmill for dogs. They will gradually learn to move it by their paws. 
  • Exiting the treadmill safely is equally important. Your dog must know to exit once the treadmill stops. 

We suggest you consider the aforementioned points to make your treadmill purchase worth it.

Final Verdict

From the above-mentioned 11 top treadmills for dogs, the Lifepro dog treadmill seems to be the best pick for us as it has 12 pre-set programs and has no machine sounds to scare off your dog. It is a perfect option for small and medium-sized dogs. 

If you have a huge, energetic dog, you can opt for DogPacer 4.0. Also, every dog has its requirements, so depending on their needs, just choose the best for them. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans: No, most dogs require a large space to run, the deck on a human treadmill is not big enough for a dog to run freely. That’s why it is suggested to use a treadmill for dogs if your dog needs one.

Ans: The difference lies in the attachment and safety controls for your dog.

Ans: Initiate the process with a 30-second walk and gradually increase the timing. As the dog progresses, you can level up the game easily for a 30-minute session daily.



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