German Shepherd was developed by Max Von Stephanitz using various traditional German breeds. It was originally bred as a herding dog but later was used in several fields like disability assistance, search-and-rescue, police work, and warfare. 

Since this is a high-quality dog, you can even train your German Shepherd to be a guard dog. Accessories for your dogs can help them settle in a household or in a specific place. If you’ve had a dog before, then you may know a few of these things, but if you are keeping a German Shepherd for the first time, you must be wondering what German shepherds eat and what accessories you may need.

In that case, this article will give you the ultimate shopping list with everything you need to know so that you don’t have to go anywhere else!

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Is the German Shepherd a Good Family Dog? 

A German Shepherd is a very protective and compassionate dog. They are amazing but are not for everyone. A German shepherd is very active and intelligent and needs a lot of attention. Above all, they need proper training to protect your house or any other organization.

German Shepherd in a family

But can you keep them at your house with the kids? Absolutely! They are one of the most popular dog breeds thanks to their ability to be a great family dog. Just like any other dog, German Shepherds are extremely loyal to their owners and their families. They can be very suspicious of strangers and newcomers and need an introduction first.

Moreover, this breed is not for you if you have a small house with no yard to exercise in or if you don’t stay at home and can’t devote time to your pet. The viciousness of a German Shepherd depends on how you’ve nurtured them. If they grow up in a family full of love and affection, then there’s no better dog!

To make it more clear, let’s look at a few pros and cons of having a German Shepherd –

Extremely trainableMay not get along with other pets
Very LoyalCan get aggressive if not trained well
Effective guard dogNeeds a yard and a lot of practice

After considering the pros and cons list, you can now take a look at the best German Shepherd accessories.

20 German Shepherd Accessories to Add to Your Dog Shopping List

As we have explained before, a German Shepherd is a high-quality dog and needs specific things to thrive, except for lots of love and care. Now, we don’t need to mention the fact that they come with quite an expense. So go get your pen and paper because these are some must-have dog items important for the proper nurturing of your dog.

High-Quality Dog Food

dog food

Dog food comes first as the most essential thing you’ll require if you want to keep a dog as a pet. But there are so many kinds of foods out there, so what do German Shepherds eat? 

We know you want to give the best to your dog, and choosing the right kind of food can get a bit tricky. The most important thing here is to choose the most nutritious dog food for your German Shepherd. If they are given too much calcium as puppies, they have a high chance of developing a crippling form.

These few varieties listed below are safe for both puppies and adult German Shepherds. 

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A Leash, Collar, and Harness 


Needless to say, these are also the most important things when it comes to dogs. You can’t take out a German Shepherd without a good-quality leash and a collar. Hence, you need them to be of good quality so that they don’t break at the wrong moment. 

As German Shepherds are super active and strong, sometimes holding them back with a leash may cause them to choke. This is where a harness is more useful since it holds the body of the dog and not just the neck.

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German Shepherd Dog Bed

dog bed

A dog bed for a German Shepherd is also one of the most important things you’ll need when shopping for accessories. And choosing the right bed that is comfortable and supportive is equally important. 

Hence, you should look for a German Shepherd dog bed that is big enough to fit your dog even when he grows up. It would help you and make the work easier for you if the bed was washable since dogs shed a lot. 

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Dog Toys 

Dog toys

Dogs absolutely love to tear things apart and chew on them; this can become a big problem if you don’t have appropriate dog toys to keep your dog busy. 

Since German Shepherds are incredibly strong, even as a puppy, you need to consider the safety and durability of the toy. Always look for ones that are strong, made with non-toxic material, and easily washable. 

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Water and Food Bowls 

Dog water and food bowls

The best material for the food and water bowls are either stainless steel or ceramic, as they are easy to clean and don’t harbor bacteria. Be thoughtful while choosing the size of the bowl for your German Shepherd puppy, as too large feeders can make it difficult for them to eat or drink. You can also consider choosing slow feeders if your puppy gulps food to let them enjoy their meal time.

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A Good Quality Crate

Dog crate

We know you might not want to see your dog in a crate, but crate training has many advantages. You may have to take your dog to the vet, where crates are not uncommon, or they may, at some point, require traveling in a crate. The crate training is quite important for your German Shepherd’s own safety; it’ll make them feel calm about being in a familiar environment. For this, you need to ensure you have bought a heavy duty crate for your dog that is safe, comfortable & easy to clean

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Grooming Supplies 

Pet grooming supplies

Yes, your dog, too, needs grooming supplies! This is a must-have for maintenance since German Shepherds shed a lot, and you need a good shedding brush to remove loose hairs and reduce the amount of pet hair in your home. 

Apart from that, a good quality toothbrush, toothpaste, nail clippers, etc., are also equally important. So, investing in these German Shepherd accessories is definitely a good idea.

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Safe Dog Shampoo and Conditioner 

Dog shampoo and conditioner

It is very important to select the safest shampoo for your puppy. German Shepherds are super active, so they tend to get dirty a lot. A good shampoo that can keep their pH balanced. A good shampoo and conditioner will help prevent itching and dryness and will keep your pet’s hair smooth and lively. 

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Treats for Training

dog treats

Be very mindful while selecting the treats since not all are safe for your puppy. Some treats can contain harmful ingredients which can cause health problems for your pet. High-quality treats are a good reward for training your dog, and the plus point is, like any other dog, German Shepherds love them!    

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Puppy Pads / Pee Pads 

Puppy pads

Puppy pads keep the house safe from your dog’s pee, so while looking for one, it’s important to consider the reusability and absorbency of the pads. Make sure they are of appropriate size according to your puppy, and also avoid material that is harsh for your puppy. 

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Puzzle Toys 

puzzle treat toys

German Shepherds are incredibly intelligent and active dogs, so they need mental and physical stimulation. So investing in interactive toys such as puzzle toys, treat-dispensing toys, teething toys, etc., are great for keeping them engaged and entertained.

In addition, they are also useful for sniffing games like ‘find it,’ it’ll help increase your dog’s capabilities. 

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Car Safety Accessories

Car Safety Accessories

If you are taking your dog out in a car, then there are some very important German Shepherd accessories you’ll need to ensure the safety of both your dog and your car. Investing in a good seat cover and seat belt and portable food and water bowl is highly important.

Moreover, you should always attach the seat belt with the harness and not the collar since even a slight pull can cause choking. A proper seat cover will keep your car safe from hair shedding and pee stains.

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Pet First Aid Kit 

Pet first aid kit

A pet first aid kit is just as important as a human’s first aid kit. If you are a pet parent, this should always be with you because accidents can happen anywhere at any time, and you need to be ready until your pet can get proper attention from a vet. The first aid kit should include gauges, bandages, antiseptics, ointments, and a digital thermometer. 

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Dog-Friendly Cleaning Supplies 

Floor Cleaner

We know it can become a nuisance when the pee odor gets left behind in your house, but what kind of cleaning products you’re using is also important. 

In addition, we generally don’t pay much attention to this, but certain products may have harmful chemicals like ammonia, bleach, chlorine, etc., that can affect your pet’s health. So choose a cleanser that has natural ingredients that do not harm your pets.

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Pet Insurance Documents 

Pet insurance

Pet insurance is rising in popularity around the world. Just like we take health insurance for our loved ones, pet insurance is for the health and safety of your pets. Instead of spending tons of money on your pet’s health annually, pet insurance will provide for your pet in case they need medical or other financial help.

All the expenses, such as mortality benefits, surgery expenses, and third-party liability cover, get covered under the insurance.  

Consider these pet insurance providers.

Natural and Safe Puppy Chews

Dog chews

We’ve already read how much puppies like treats and chews, so they are one of the must-have dog items, and it’s only proper to invest in long-lasting chews with natural ingredients for your German Shepherd pup and avoid synthetic ingredients like rawhide. They keep your puppy busy and entertained in a tasty way. 

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Puppy Probiotics

Puppy probiotics

Puppy probiotics are a sort of live bacteria that improve your dog’s digestive and immune system health. These are important for your furry friends because dogs tend to experience health issues from time to time that affect the quality of their life and day-to-day activities. 

However, not all probiotics are made for German Shepherds, so you need time and effort to decide which one works for your pup.

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E-collars are also a kind of training device used to tell dogs what is right and what is not for them. It has several vibration stimulations that connect with your dog. It also has a location chip which will help you to locate your dog in case they go missing. It’s not really a compulsion to have an E-collar on your German Shepherd, but it certainly has its own advantages.

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Poop Bag

Poop bag and dispenser

It is no rocket science that you will be needing poop bags for your pet, and we don’t want more plastic pollution in the environment. So you should invest in some biodegradable bags for your pet and for the environment.

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Dog with a muzzle

We know you might not like redistricting your dog with a muzzle but using one on a German Shepherd or any other dog while out in public is the responsibility of a dog parent. 

You see, everyone does not hold the same opinion about dogs as you. Some people are afraid of them. So to keep others and even your dog safe muzzle is important. It becomes a necessity in the case of German Shepherds since they are notorious for being aggressive.  

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There are actually lots of must-have dog accessories, so you need a bit of planning to get one. You already know that being a dog parent is neither easy nor cheap, especially being a German Shepherd dog parent. 

From food to training supplies, everything plays an important part in the healthy lifestyle of a pup. Now that you’ve taken responsibility for a dog, we hope you give them the love and attention they need and use all these supplies appropriately! 

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Ans: German Shepherd puppies need to be fed about 3 – 4 times a day, but the quantity of the food depends on their age.

Ans: German Shepherd puppies need a lot of exercise every day. So on average, about 30 – 40 minutes of exercise is enough for your pup, which can include walking, running, playing fetch, or even swimming.

Ans: German Shepherds is a high-quality bread, and there are quite a lot of things that they need to thrive and grow up healthy. For example, dog beds, dog food, puzzle toys, harness, etc.


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